Wildflowers & Seaweeds


Whether you're a naturalist, photographer or just like flowers in a natural setting you'll enjoy the profusion of wildflowers from late spring until early fall. Fields of wild lupins, devils paintbrush and wild roses; simple cascades of delicate woodland species; rare seaside species; each in their time and season greet and dazzle the eye. Can't identify them – drop by the Grand Manan Museum and ask to see their wildflower albums.

Grand Manan Island and archipelago are also an incredible place to find seaweeds, many of which are edible. Dulse is probably the best known edible seaweed in the Bay of Fundy but nori, sea lettuce, kelps, Irish moss and others are also harvested. The diversity of seaweeds is impressive with examples from all three seaweed groups – yellow-browns, greens and reds – found along the rocky shores. These sometimes break away from the shore and form large mats which wash ashore along the tide line, decompose and return nutrients to the sea.

For more details: Download Seaweeds PDF