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Heritage Trails and Footpaths

Heritage Trails and Footpaths.
The Heritage Trails and Footpaths of the Grand Manan archipelago are a marvelous network of narrow, rustic footpaths that allow for exploration of areas not accessible by most vehicles. Located on Grand Manan, Ross and White Head Islands, many are as old as the first settlement in 1784 - some may even date before that time. Most trails are on private property but owners do not object to considerate hikers going across their property - some have even built benches.

Trails Committee. Hiking trails are maintained by a Trails Committee, co-ordinated by Cecilia Bowden and Bob Stone. Much of the work of clearing and marking is done by these volunteers. If you wish to make a donation for the upkeep of the trails you can do so by contacting us below and you will  become a "Friend of Grand Manan Trails".  You can also adopt sections of trails or whole trails to keep them passable or report any major work required.

Outer Islands. Trails do exist on some of the other outer islands but you must make you own way to these islands by boat or kayak. These trails are not regularly maintained and you travel at your own risk. Again remember most islands are privately owned and some such as Machias Seal Island, a Canadian Wildlife Bird Sanctuary, have limited access.

The Grand Manan Tourism Association publishes a trail guide - HERITAGE TRAILS AND FOOTPATHS OF GRAND MANAN ISLAND, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA. These retail for $6 and can be purchased on the island or you can order it by adding an extra $2 for Canada, $4 for the US - shipping costs, and send your order to:

Bob Stone
Grand Manan Trails Committee

51 Red Point Road, Grand Manan, NB, Canada, E5G 4J1.

Trails Newsletter.  A trails newsletter is published annually and includes updates about the trails, fund raising, contributions from hikers and other pertinent information and trivia.

Newsletter Archives:
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Newsletter Archives (PDF): |
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Trail Map. This trail map only approximates the location of the trails.  Please refer to the trail guide (Heritage Trails and Footpaths of Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, Canada), for more exact locations and topography.  Red are foot trails, blue are manicured trails of the Anchorage, green are rough roads on Ross Island which can be hiked.  Roads can also be used to bridge gaps between trails for longer hikes.

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Interested in Lighthouses? - try our "Lighthouse Trail". 

Lighthouses abound in the archipelago and whether travelling on foot, by bicycle or vehicle it is possible to see them all, albeit some can only be seen in the distance unless you have a boat or fly over them.  An official "Lighthouse Trail" does not exist since it would encompass several islands but it is possible to develop your own.  This route can be done in any direction, easiest by vehicle, most challenging by foot or kayak.  You can plan your own route but remember to begin looking as you come to the island by ferry.  To view the location of some of these lighthouses click on "Map of Grand Manan" at the bottom of the page.

By Vehicle from Blacks Harbour:

1. Pea Point Light - on the left side of the ferry when leaving Blacks Harbour.

2. Southern Wolf Light - on the left side of the ferry coming to Grand Manan about midway through the journey.

3. Swallowtail Light - northeast end of island and closest to the ferry. From ferry turn right at stop sign off Ferry Wharf Road onto Pettes Cove Road, left onto Old Airport Road, right onto Lighthouse Lane.  Follow until lighthouse is in view.

4. Long Eddy Light - northern end of the island. Route 776 onto the Whistle Road.  Follow Whistle Road until the lighthouse is in view.  If you are at Long Eddy at night you may also see three other lights - East Quoddy (Campobello Island), West Quoddy (Lubec, Maine), Southern Wolf (The Wolves, also visible from the ferry) and perhaps more distant lights along the coast such as Cutler, ME, or Bliss Island, NB.

5. Great Duck Island Light - Route 776 to Woodwards Cove turn onto Shore Road.  Follow Shore Road until lobster pounds are in view.  Keep a lookout for the lighthouse in the distance on Great Duck Island.

6. Fish Fluke Point (Grand Harbour) Light - Route 776 to Ingalls Head Road,  follow along keeping a lookout across Grand Harbour.  The light is visible on Ross Island.  Alternatively, make a left onto Thoroughfare Road just as you enter Grand Harbour from the north or just as you are leaving Grand Harbour from the south. Follow to the end of the road, park your vehicle and hike along Ross Island to the lighthouse.  Make sure you have checked the tide tables and can get across to Ross Island and back.

7. Long Point Light - Follow Ingalls Head Road off Route 776 in Grand Harbour to the ferry to White Head Island at the end of the road.  Turn right just after leaving ferry upon arrival at White Head and follow the road, keeping to the left until the lighthouse is visible.  The road to the lighthouse along the shore is not always passable by cars so check before you venture onto it. Gannet Rock Light may be visible on a clear day to the south.

8. Southwest Head Light - Route 776 south to the end.  From this vantage on a clear day you should be able to see two other lighthouses, Machias Seal Island Light directly south and Gannet Rock Light to the southeast.

9. Machias Seal Island Light - arrange a boat tour with Sea Watch Tours to the island.

10. Gannet Rock Light - visible on a clear day from most vantage points from Ingalls Head to Southwest Head and White Head Island.

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