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An interesting 90 minute ferry trip
from Black’s Harbour, NB
(506) 662-3724

In 2011, watch for the arrival of the Grand Manan Adventure (, a new, larger ferry to operate between Grand Manan Island and the mainland, and a new, larger ferry for White Head Island.

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Stunning photographs of Grand Manan
From "Rhythm of the Tides" By Tim Peters

More stunning photographs of Grand Manan
from Peter Cunningham and his long relationship with the Island"

Interested in Geocaching?
We have a number of caches on the island that you can find listed on

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Hole-in-the-Wall - Zach Swaim
Grand Manan and White Head Islands are perfect vacation destinations for those seeking a refuge from the crowds of many popular destinations.

Whether you have a day or two to spend with us or your entire vacation, Grand Manan has something to offer all interests.

Southern Head cliffs - Laurie Murison

Almost on your doorstep!

Grand Manan Island lies a mere 11 km (6 miles) from the closest landfall (Campobello Island and the easternmost point of Maine) and is served year-round by a 64 car ferry making multiple trips daily from Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick.

enjoying the seascape - Marla Bojarski

Grand Manan Island is within a days drive from most large population centres along the eastern seaboard, yet it seems far removed from the hubbub of urban living
- an ideal spot to while away an afternoon...or a lifetime!

The new Grand Manan Adventurer - carries 80 vehicles and 380 passengers and crew
In August 2011 the "Grand Manan Adventure" Ferry began it's run,

replacing the "Grand Manan V" as the main ferry. This state-of-the-art ferry carries 80 vehicles and 380 passengers and crew. The "Grand Manan V" is now the secondary ferry and greatly increases the carrying capacity of our ferry system. The "Grand Manan" ferry was retired. Also in 2011, the "William Frankland", a new, larger ferry, replaced the "Lady White Head" ferry connecting White Head Island with Grand Manan Island.

buoy fence - Laurie Murison

Experience for yourself what has historically attracted famous painters (John James Audubon), crafts people (Erica  Deichmann Gregg), and the Pulitzer prize winning author Willa Cather to these shores and continues to attract nature lovers, artists, photographers, geologists and hikers today.

whale watching - Allan McDonald

Discover lighthouses, beaches, soaring cliffs, colourful fishing boats, wildflowers, whales and seabirds.  Nutrient-rich waters of the Bay of Fundy, kept mixed by the famous Fundy tides, give us the best whale and seabird watching in New Brunswick.

sunrise and herring weirs - Allan McDonald

Just bring yourself, everything else you need for an enjoyable stay is right here - a wide range of accommodations including historic inns and lodges, sea side cottages, housekeeping units, B&B's, a motel and sea side campgrounds, and dining experiences to suit everyone’s taste and budget.

Whale & Seabird staff helping a harbour porpoise

Take a tour of our lighthouses, hike the many island trails, bring your kayak and bike, or opt for convenient rentals.  Wander our shorelines beachcombing or visit the busy local fishing wharves or try our local delicacies. Visit our local museums and marine research station.

Our Art Gallery highlights local artists and artists who showcase Grand Manan with several exhibits over the summer.

Atlantic puffins and razorbills - Laurie Murison

Hop aboard a tour boat and spot puffins, porpoises and a wide array of whales and other seabirds.  From spring nesting to fall migration bird watchers will reach for their binoculars with delight.

lupins and lobster traps - Laurie Murison

We invite you to discover this pleasant blend of active fishing communities and the beauty and serenity of nature at its best. A Natural wonder in the centre of Canada's Bay of Fundy.

seining herring weir - Laurie Murison

Experience us once and we guarantee you’ll often find yourself musing....

“Wish I were there.”

kayaking at 7-Days Work - Laurie Murison come see what you've been missing!